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                      DHB20 Drum Asphalt Mixing plant

                      I. Basal configuration of AsphaltMixingplant: 1、The Specification of Single Hopper: Bin Cubage 3.5m3 The bin width 2.6m Loading height 2.3m 2、The Specification of Titled belt feeding conveyer: Belt

                      DHB40 Drum Asphalt Mixing plant

                      DHB40 Drum Asphalt Mixing plant Configuration and Specifications: I. Basic configuration of DHB40 Drum Asphalt Mixing plant: 1. Cold aggregate supply system(mobile): Components: Four aggregate belt fee

                      RD60 Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant

                      I、RD60 Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant Basal configuration: 1、 Cold aggregate supply system (1) Components :Four aggregate hoppers and four belt feeders, Aggregate belt conveyor. (2) Specifications :

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