DHB20 Drum Asphalt Mixing plant

                          DHB20 Drum Asphalt Mixing plant

                          I. Basal configuration of Asphalt Mixing plant:


                          1、The Specification of Single Hopper:

                          Bin Cubage 3.5m3
                          The bin width 2.6m
                           Loading height 2.3m

                          2、The Specification of Titled belt feeding conveyer:

                           Belt width  400mm
                           Motor power   3 kW

                          Characteristics: Conveying belts will be equipped with tightening device, frequency conversion timing motor.

                          3、The Components and specification of Drying drum assembly(mobile)

                          1). Dryer drum:

                           Drum diameter 1m
                          Drum length 4.5m
                          Motor power 5.5kW

                          Driving type: gear and gear ring mesh driving;

                          2). Elevator:
                          ①oblique, single row of chain;
                          ②specification: motor power: 3 kW;

                          3). Drawing fan system: Motor power of drawing fan: 5.5 kW

                          4). Mixture storage silo:

                          Cubage 2m3
                          Motor power 2.2kW
                          Mixture discharging height 2.6 m

                          Mixture storage silo upper part is equipped with material induction device; discharging outlet equipped with temperature sensor; the discharging door structure adopts hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pump and so on;
                          Characteristics: The drying drum is driven by gear-tooth joggle with reliable capability;

                          4、Oil burning system

                          Noted: A China brand diesel oil burner; a set of oil pipelines and oil pump; The diesel oil tank will be equipped by client himself;

                           Rated Oil consumption  130kg/h
                           Drawing fan motor power     3kw
                           Oil pump motor power       1.5kw

                          5、Asphalt supply pipes: 

                          The Components: an asphalt pump; matched asphalt pipes;
                          A diesel oil burner;
                          Frequency conversion timing asphalt pump power: 3kw;
                          Characteristics: Asphalt is heated by diesel oil with hot wind pipe enlaced in the pipe.

                          6、Electric control system

                          (1)Components: Electric operation platform and the cables from operation platform to the plant.
                          (2)Characteristics: In electric control system, it is equipped with operation platform, main electrical parts and China famous ZHENGTAI OR DELIXI product with interlock and two-grade protecting device; manual control device, main motor current display, finished mixture temperature display, frequency conversion timing for cold aggregate and asphalt is applied on operation platform; convenient and easy for operation.

                          DHB20 Drum Asphalt Mixing plant

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