HM9-D Concrete Mixer Truck

                                    concrete mixer truck manufacturer

                                    The Features of HM9-D Concrete Mixing Truck:

                                    1. HOWO concrete mixer truck for sale, 336 HP
                                    2. Euro III emission
                                    3. Blocking HW15710
                                    4. Electronically controlled EGR engines
                                    5. Air conditioning, import machine direction, 12 tire
                                    6. Mixing tank imported the Italian pumps. motor, a reducer

                                    The Description of HM9-D Concrete Mixer Truck:

                                    1. The concrete truck mixer mainly composed by concrete truck, which is composed of a cylinder, a sealing pipe, a blade and a mixed leaf.
                                    2. The delivery system adopts the way of the original vehicle engine.
                                    3. The hydraulic system is mainly composed of hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, oil filter, oil tank, high pressure pipe, low pressure line, return line and filter.
                                    4. Good homogeneity of Concrete mixing and transportation of concrete mixer truck manufacturer, low residual material, reliable hydraulic drive system, and reasonable, reliable performance, convenient operation, easy maintenance, and beautiful appearance is the advantages of concrete mixer truck.
                                    5. The frame is composed of a sub frame, a front seat and a back seat. The sub frame is connected with the chassis frame, which is equipped with a front and rear bracket, a supporting wheel and an access device.
                                    6. The feeding and discharging device, a feed hopper, a discharge chute, a regulating handle, are the features of concrete mixer truck manufacturer.

                                    concrete mixer truck manufacturer

                                    The Technical Parameters of Concrete mixer truck for sale:

                                    Specification Value
                                    Mixing Capacity(m³) 9
                                    Tank Volume(m³) 14.7
                                    Feeding Speed(m³/min) ≥3.5
                                    Discharging Speed(m³/min) ≥3
                                    Residual Ratio of Discharging(%) ≤0.5%
                                    Water Supply System Air pressure
                                    Water Tank Volume(L) 300
                                    Overall Dimension(mm) 9050*2496*3750
                                    Chassis Model HOWO
                                    Clutch(φ) φ430 Monolithic dry type
                                    Min Ground Clearance(mm) 314
                                    Max Speed(km/h) 90
                                    Engine Max Output Power(kw) 276
                                    Emission Standard Euro Ⅲ
                                    Rated Load(kgs) 13500
                                    Overall Weight(kgs) 25000
                                    Wheelbase(mm) 3225+1350

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