HDT5401THB-48/52 Concrete Pump

                                    truck mounted concrete pump

                                    The Features of HDT5401THB-48/52 Truck Mounted Concrete Pump:

                                    1. Concrete pump machine of all the parts are imported German HBC wireless remote control featureing light weight and portable equipment.
                                    2. The pumping capacity can be unlimited control with various ways.
                                    3. Boom rotation speed can be unlimited controlled.
                                    4. In order to reduce the oil consumption, the truck mounted concrete pump is equipped with emergency brake and diesel engine automatic control speed device.

                                    The Description of HDT5401THB-48/52 Truck Mounted Concrete Pump:

                                    1. HaoMei concrete pumps features excellent product quality control, perfect product making, and absolutely adequate quality inspection which makes HAOMEI truck
                                    mounted concrete pump achieve CHINA’s leading level and international advanced level.
                                    2. Concrete Pump control system adopts steel plates all from SWEDISH SSAB, which have been treated by high-strength coldrolling with yield strength beyond 900Mpa,
                                    to ensure boom system with high-strength and light weight.
                                    3. The system’s aggregate carrying pipe,landing leg,and oil tank,etc. all have been treated by 100% stess removing after welding.

                                    truck mounted concrete pump

                                    The Technical Parameters of HDT5401THB-48/52 Truck Mounted Concrete Pump:

                                    Specification Value
                                    output in theory(m3/h) 125
                                    index of the pump carry capacity(Mpa.m3/h) 586
                                    theoretic pumping pressure(Mpa) 8.5
                                    bucket volume(L) 700
                                    height of top surface of bucket(mm) 140
                                    model of distribution valve(S) valve
                                    max. operation radius(m) 43.7 47.8
                                    max. operation height(m) 47.7 51.8
                                    max. operation depth(m) 34.3 39.8
                                    open height of boom(mm) 9065 9400
                                    distance between front landing legs(mm ) 9780 10295
                                    distance between rear landing legs(mm) 9860 10650
                                    distance between front & rear landing legs(mm) 9470/10310 
                                    diameter of delivery pipe(mm) 125
                                    length of hose pipe(m)  3
                                    rotary range of boom 365°
                                    quantity of boom 5
                                    rotary angle of each boom(°) 91/180/180/180/270 90/180/180/180/270
                                    wire line control distance(m) 33
                                    romote control distance(m) 200
                                    max. speed(km/h) 85 80
                                    min. turn radius(mm) 12000 12500
                                    8800(m) 10
                                    approach angle(°) 16
                                    departure angle(°) 11
                                    chassis model HOWO ZZ5437S4667C
                                    wheel base between the first & the second axle(mm) 1800
                                    wheel base between the second & the third axle(mm) 4600 5000
                                    front tread(mm) 1350
                                    rear tread(mm) 2022 
                                    max. engine output power(kw) 275(2200r/min)
                                    max. engine output torque(n.m) 1500 /(1100~1600 r/min)
                                    max, gradient ability(%) 37
                                    fuel consumption(L/100km) 40
                                    (××)out dimension(L×W×H)mm 13300×2500×4000 13990×2500×4000
                                    total weightkg 40000 42000

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