HDT5291THB-37/39/4 Concrete Pump

                                    The Features of HDT5291THB-37/39/4 Cement Pump Truck:

                                    1. Free flowing closed hydraulic driving system formed by double pump confluencion
                                    2. No fussy middle reversal control valve piece lessens reversal impact
                                    3. Compared with large-oil-tank open system, closed system needs a smaller tank
                                    4. Unique buffer technology can lower the system's high-pressure peak value
                                    5. In spite of high-output-flow situation

                                    The Description of HDT5291THB-37/39/4 Cement Pump Truck:

                                    1. HaoMei cement pump truck production models are: 37 m, 42 m, 46 m, 49 m, 52 m in five different specifications.
                                    2. Cement Pump Truck 37 m, 42 m are often used in the construction of high-speed rail project in the field of industrial and civil buildings.
                                    3 37, 42 meter cement pump truck using four sections, 46, 49 meter boom pump uses five sections.
                                    4. The latest construction boom design, the use of imported fine grain high-strength steel, light weight, high strength, stiffness, safe and reliable.

                                    The Technical Parameter of HDT5291THB-37/39/4 Cement Pump Truck:

                                    Specification Value
                                    output in theory(m3/h) 125
                                    index of the pump carry capacity(Mpa.m3/h) 586
                                    theoretic pumping pressure(Mpa) 8.5
                                    bucket volume(L) 700
                                    height of top surface of bucket(mm) 1370
                                    model of distribution valve(S) valve
                                    max. operation radius(m) 32.6/34.7
                                    max. operation height(m) 36.6/38.7
                                    max. operation depth(m) 25.5/27
                                    open height of boom(mm) 8450/8830
                                    distance between front landing legs(mm ) 7058/6800
                                    distance between rear landing legs(mm) 6848/7000
                                    distance between front & rear landing legs(mm) 6790/7432
                                    diameter of delivery pipe(mm) 125
                                    length of hose pipe(m) 4
                                    rotary range of boom 365°
                                    quantity of boom 4
                                    rotary angle of each boom(°) 92/180/180/270
                                    wire line control distance(m) 33
                                    romote control distance(m) 200
                                    max. speed(km/h) 90
                                    min. turn radius(mm) 8800
                                    8800(m) 7
                                    approach angle(°) 16
                                    departure angle(°) 11
                                    chassis model HOWO ZZ5307N4647C
                                    wheel base between the first & the second axle(mm) 4600
                                    wheel base between the second & the third axle(mm) 1350
                                    front tread(mm) 2022
                                    rear tread(mm) 1830
                                    max. engine output power(kw) 247(2200r/min)
                                    max. engine output torque(n.m) 1350(1100-1600r/min)
                                    max, gradient ability(%) 35
                                    fuel consumption(L/100km) 34
                                    (××)out dimension(L×W×H)mm 12000×2490×3850/12500×2490
                                    total weightkg 29000/12500×2490×3950

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