HBT90S1821-200 Trailer Concrete Pump

                                    trailer pump concrete

                                    The Features of HBT90S1821-200 Trailer Pump Concrete:

                                    1. Extra high voltage directly washed
                                    2. Extra high voltage wear-resistance conduct tube
                                    3. Extra high voltage sealed concrete tube
                                    4. Extra high voltage hydraulic shut-off valve
                                    5. Intelligent control, convenient and efficient

                                    The Description of HBT90S1821-200 Trailer Pump Concrete:

                                    1. High mechanization, less labor, simple construction trailer pump concrete.
                                    2. Transport and pouring concrete is continuous, high efficiency construction
                                    3. The quality of concrete is required stringent when concrete pumping process, which is an another test of concrete. When trailer pump concrete is carried out continuously, during pumping of concrete is not easy to isolate, little concrete slump loss , it is easy to ensure the quality of the project.

                                    Trailer Pump Concrete

                                    The Technical Parameters of HBT90S1821-200 Trailer Pump Concrete:

                                    Specification Value
                                    "Theory Concrete Output (Low / High Pressure)"(m3/h) 90/60
                                    "Concrete Pressure (Low / high pressure)"(Mpa) 21/10.8
                                    Hydraulic system pressure(Mpa) 32
                                    Rotation speed(r/min) 1480
                                    High / low pressure switch Yes
                                    Distribution valve(S) valve
                                    Pumping cylinder diameter/ Stroke(mm) 200/1800
                                    Main oil pump discharge(ml/r) 2×190
                                    Motor power(kw) 2×110
                                    Voltage/ Frequency(V/Hz) 380/50
                                    Hydraulic tank volume(L) 700
                                    Height of adding material(mm) ≤1450
                                    Hopper volume(m3) 0.7
                                    Total mass(kg) 7000
                                    Concrete slump(mm) 80-230
                                    Aclinic Delivery distance(m) 1300
                                    Theory vertical pumping height(m) 280
                                    Dimension: L*W*H(mm) 6400*2480*2350

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