HBT60S1816-110 Trailer Concrete Pump

                      concrete pump trailer

                      The Features of HBT60S1816-110 Concrete Pump Trailer:

                      1. Concrete pump trailer stirred with intelligent electronic control system, running smoothly.
                      2. Adopting the advanced S pipe valve structure, floating seal automatically compensate for wear gap, and has good sealing effect
                      3. Electrical control system is simple and approachable and high reliability by remote control.

                      The Description of HBT60S1816-110 Concrete Pump Trailer:

                      1. Double pump, double loop hydraulic systems, components life expectancy, higher reliability, and ease of fault diagnosis and troubleshooting;
                      2. Main pumping the oil change outside the control of the pilot to the main valve using pressure control;
                      3. The system has a safety overflow and overpressure shutoff device automatically cut off the main pump to get multi-level protection;
                      4. Swing the oil pump and accumulator constant pressure while oil, greatly reduce the heat of the hydraulic system, along with energy-saving features;
                      5. The suction and return oil filter technology to prevent foreign matter from entering the hydraulic circuit to further improve the reliability of the hydraulic system and component life;
                      6. Pumping the oil using high and low pressure way valve block switch, convenient, reliable, and does not leak;
                      7. Hydraulic oil forced air cooling, ensure that the oil hydraulic system controlled at about 60 degrees.

                      concrete pump trailer

                      The Main Data of Concrete Pump Trailer In Philippines:

                      Specification Value
                      "Theory Concrete Output (Low / High Pressure)"(m3/h) 60
                      "Concrete Pressure (Low / high pressure)"(Mpa) 16/95
                      Hydraulic system pressure(Mpa) 32
                      Rotation speed(r/min) 1480
                      High / low pressure switch Yes
                      Distribution valve(S) valve
                      Pumping cylinder diameter/ Stroke(mm) 195/1500
                      Main oil pump discharge(ml/r) 110
                      Motor power(kw) 110
                      Voltage/ Frequency(V/Hz) 380/50
                      Hydraulic tank volume(L) 400
                      Height of adding material(mm) 1355
                      Hopper volume(m3) 0.8
                      Total mass(kg) 5800
                      Concrete slump(mm) 120-230
                      Aclinic Delivery distance(m) 1200
                      Theory vertical pumping height(m) 250
                      Dimension: L*W*H(mm) 6240*2110*2550

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