HZS150 Concrete Batching Plant

                          concrete mixing plant supliers

                          The Theory Productivity of HZS150 Concrete Mixing Plant:

                          1. Productivity:150m fand /h and model JS3000 concrete mixer
                          2. The discharging height is 4m
                          3. Mixer adopts the MAO4500/JS3000 Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer, Good Mixing Performance and high efficiency
                          4. PLD4800 Aggregate Batcher, single bucket measurement and high measurement accuracy.
                          5. Cement, fly ash, Water, Liquid additive Ingredients are measured in electronic scales measuring with high dosing accuracy.
                          6. Modular design structure with high accuraccy measurement
                          7. Electric control system imported, with reliable performance and easy to operate, wigh air conditioner.

                          concrete mixing plant supliers

                          The Description of HZS150 Concrete Mixing Plant:

                          1. The HZS150 Concrete Batching Plant has good uniformity and the mixing time is short with high production efficiency, which is suitable to the large construction project, producing a great amount of concrete.
                          2. HZS150 concrete mixing plant adopts electronic weighing, microcomputer control, digital display control technology, electronic weighing with cushion device and automatic compensation function, measurement high precision.
                          3. With aggregate batcher system, Aggregate Transmission, Mixing System, Measurement System, Water Supply System, Additive Supply System, Gas Supply System, Screw Conveyor.

                          The Technical Parameters of HZS150 Concerte Mixing Plant:






                          SICOMA Concrete Mixer

                          Total power


                          Maximum aggregate diameter


                          Aggregate feeding method

                          Conveyor belt

                          Aggregate bins volume


                          Aggregate weighing

                          2x4000kg ±2%

                          Cement weighing

                          1800kg ±1%

                          Fly-ash weighing

                          800kg ±1%

                          Water weighing

                          800kg ±1%

                          Additive weighing

                          50kg ±1%

                          Overall dimension(during operating)




                          Discharging height


                          Total weight



                          Fully automatic central control

                          Cement silo(optional)

                          Required on clients' demand

                          Cement screw(optional)

                          Each cement silo equipped with one φ325 screw

                          The Drawings and Settlement of HZS150 Concrete Mixing Plant:

                          HZS150 concrete mixing plant dradings

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