HZS120 Concrete Batching Plant

                                    hzs120 concrete batch plant

                                    The Description of HZS120 Concrete Batch Plant:

                                    HZS120 Concrete Batch Plant For Sale, the whole set including the twin shaft concrete mixer, mixing machine, cement silo and screw conveyor, conveyor belt, microcomputer control room. The JS series of horizontal twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer, mandatory, high-efficiency equipment, which can produce plastic, concrete and other concrete in a short mixing time.

                                    The Features of HZS120 Concrete Batch Plant:

                                    1. HZS120 Concrete Batch Plant's Productivity is 120m3 /h
                                    2. Modular structure design
                                    3. Belt type uploading
                                    4. Weighing the aggregate individually
                                    5. Main components imported from Germany or Japan

                                    hzs120 concrete batch plant

                                    The Advantages of HZS120 Concrete Batch Plant:

                                    1. Easy to meet its customers requests in different capacities and specifications;
                                    2. For special projects and for the projects which will take a long time in the same location.
                                    3. Maximize benefits of the customer and makes special designs upon customer requests.

                                    The Technical Parameters of HZS120 Concrete Batch Plant:



                                    Productivity in theory




                                    Total power


                                    Maximum aggregate diameter


                                    Aggregate feeding method

                                    Conveyor belt

                                    Aggregate bins volume


                                    Aggregate weighing

                                    2x3000kg ±2%

                                    Cement weighing

                                    1200kg ±1%

                                    Fly-ash weighing

                                    600kg ±1%

                                    Water weighing

                                    600kg ±1%

                                    Additive weighing

                                    50kg ±1%

                                    Overall dimension(during operating)




                                    Discharging height


                                    Total weight



                                    Fully automatic central control

                                    Cement silo(optional)

                                    Required on clients' demand

                                    Cement screw(optional)

                                    Each cement silo equipped with one 219 screw

                                    The Settlement and Transport Plants:

                                    settlement and transport plans of HZS120 concrete batch plant

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