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      Stationary Batching Plants Capacity

      The stationary batching plants are mainly divided into commercial mixing plants and engineering batching plants according to the mixing capacity. Different types of concrete mixers and concrete batching machines will be different, and the price of investment stationary concrete batching plant equipment will be high or low. The productivity of stationary batching plant is 25-240m3/h, of which, the 25-75m3/h belong to engineering concrete batching plant and the 90-240m3/h belong to comeericial ready mix concrete plant.

      stationary batching plants
      How much does it cost to invest in stationary batching plants? A set of stationary concrete mixing plant mixing equipment starts with an investment of about 15,000 dollars. If you add concrete trucks, forklifts, floor scales, and experimental equipment, the cost will be higher. The investment income of the complete set of equipment for stationary concrete batching plant is very impressive, with an annual output of about 150,000 m3 of concrete (for example, the equipment has mixing capacity of 35m3/h, works 8 hours a day, 300 working days a year), and the annual sales volume is 75000 cubic meter concrete.
      For stationary batching plants equipment, the quality and price of concrete batching plant equipment produced by different materials are different. Generally speaking, the price of equipment with superior performance, high quality and long use time is relatively higher. Conversely, equipment with relatively weak quality and performance will have lower production costs, and the price of concrete mixing plants will also be lower. Haomei Machinery attaches great importance to the advanced and innovative production technology of concrete mixing plant equipment. During the production of equipment, there is no waste of time and resources, manpower input is reduced, manufacturer production costs are reduced, and the equipment is cost-effective.

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