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      Small Concrete Mixer Plant

      Haomei Machinery's small concrete mixer plant include HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS60, and small conjoined concrete batching plants, with prices ranging from 30,000 to 100,000 dollars, equipment prices also vary. The output of the Haomei small concrete batching plant ranges from 25 cubic meters to 60 cubic meters per hour. It is mainly equipped with a forced concrete mixer, a concrete batching machine, a weighing system, a control system, and a gas path system. The equipment of the Haomei concrete mixing plant adopts the latest micro-control technology and adopts a fully computerized automation system. It has accurate batching measurement, good mixing effect, high degree of automation and low labor intensity. It is a modern rural station construction equipment.

      small concrete mixer plant
      A set of standard small concrete mixer plant, ranging from HZS25 concrete batching plant to HZS60 concrete batching plant, the price ranges, which should be determined according to the actual situation of different users and the specific equipment configuration. And this is only the investment in the equipment of the concrete mixing plant, and does not include other supporting equipment. Therefore, the price fluctuations must be taken into account when the final decision to purchase is made. Of course, this is only one aspect. The important thing is the production quality and quality of the concrete batching plant equipment. Production efficiency, our purpose is to bring economic benefits to ourselves, so don't be greedy for cheap. Choose according to your own production situation.
      Haomei Machinery specializes in producing a complete set of small concrete mixer plant such as various types of concrete mixing plants, concrete mixers, cement silos, batching machines, screw conveyors, etc. The products are sold all over the world and have been affirmed and praised by customers. Sincerely welcome people come here to visit our factory!

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