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      Maintenance of Sicoma Mixer Batching Plant

      1. Inspection work before the use of the sicoma mixer batching plant
      First, check the air compressor self-protection equipment in the concrete batching plant, whether the air pressure is stable, check whether the water pump diversion is satisfied, whether the pipeline is unblocked; whether the closure of the silo hopper door, cement hopper door, central collection hopper door, and discharge door is flexible and reliable. Check whether the connecting bolts of the sicoma mixer blades are strong; check whether the electrical equipment is safe and reliable, whether the limit switch action are flexible and reliable; check whether the lubrication points and the reduction box have sufficient lubricating oil.

      sicoma mixer batching plant

      2. Cleaning up after each use of the sicoma batching plant
      Clean up the accumulated material on the surface of the concrete mixer and on the material door, and wash it clean; add lubricant to each lubrication point, especially the shaft end seal, and must not lose it; drain the liquid in the waterway in winter; drain the air compressor gas and water in the gas tank; all switches are in non-operational state after shutdown, and the power supply is blocked.
      3. Weekly inspection and maintenance of the sicoma mixer concrete batching plant
      Check the agglomeration status of the residual concrete in the mixing tank. If there is agglomeration, stop and remove it (pay attention to blocking the power supply and take care of it). Check the gap between the mixing blade and the liner, and adjust if it is inappropriate; check whether the air system is leaking and whether the cylinder is operating Reliable; check the quality and liquid level of the lubricating oil in the gearbox, add or replace if necessary; check whether the suction bottom valve in the water supply system is reliable; check whether the electrical components are damaged, repair or replace if necessary, check each Whether the wiring is loose; unscrew it, check the sealing condition of the shaft end, and screw it in to release the silt if there is no abnormality.
      4. The sicoma concrete batching plant is inspected and maintained in one month
      Check the belt tension of the sicoma batching plant and make appropriate adjustments; check the wear condition of the blades and liners; check whether the link bolts of the upper and lower frames, silos, and large inclined belt conveyors are strong, and whether the foundation is sinking; Check whether there are agglomerations and debris in the equipment of the concrete mixer plant and the screw conveyor, if any, remove them.
      5. The sicoma mixer batching plant is inspected and repaired every year
      In addition to the weekly and monthly inspections of the equipment of the concrete mixing plant for one year, other parts should also be inspected, repaired and replaced.

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