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      Semi Automatic Concrete Batching Plant

      The semi automatic concrete batching plant has a lower initial cost than the fully automatic concrete mixing plant, which can save a lot of money in the initial stage. However the operation of semi automatic concrete plant is relatively laborious, so more manpower is required during the work. So the semi automatic concrete mixing plant type is suitable for users with low capital funds and relatively small initial funds. Fully automatic concrete batching plant is very good, but the price is much higher than semi-automatic, and for small concrete batching plants, the choice is not only fully automatic and more professional. Semi-automatic concrete batching plants are also effective, so we have to choose according to our actual situation in the selection.


      semi automatic concrete batching plant

      The semi automatic concrete batching plant is not that simple as fully automatic concrete batching plant, and the semi-automatic control system adopts a centralized control system. It can be said that the concrete batching plant production process to be completed step by step. For example, when the concrete is working to loading, just click the loading button, then the material will be automatically transported to the weighing hopper, and when you need to unload, click the unloading button. The materials will be automatically discharged into the concrete mixer, and the centralized control system requires more people to participate.

      Semi automatic concrete batching plant systems are generally used in engineering concrete mixing plants. They use fewer components. During the operation of the control system, manual intervention can be used to control the proportion of concrete, and to interrupt the operation when failures occur. The investment cost is moderate, and the operation is flexible. The semi-auto concrete batching plants are well received by engineering projects, small township mixing plants can also be used.

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