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      Pump Truck Concrete Operation

      The pump truck concrete is an equipment that used for pump concrete in horizontal and vertical distance. The boom is an important part of concrete pump truck, the boom length is an important parameter of boom concrete pump as well.


      pump truck concrete

      Use concrete pump trucks rationally and ensure proper use:
      1, Strengthen hydraulic technical training for managers, drivers and maintenance workers, improve their quality and quality awareness, and enable them to master the basic knowledge of hydraulic oil and use hydraulic oil correctly.
      2, Strengthen the purification and monitoring of hydraulic oil in use of concrete pump truck machinery, and clarify the monitoring responsibilities of drivers. The driver should pay attention to the temperature changes of the hydraulic oil during use. If the oil temperature is too high, stop the machine immediately to find the cause. In the daily inspection and routine maintenance of machinery, attention should be paid to the changes of oil level and oil quality, so as to "add oil according to the quantity, filter according to needs, and change oil according to quality".
      3, The driver should pay attention to the cleanliness of the oil barrel port, oil tank port and the inlet and outlet of the oil filter when refueling.
      4, It is necessary to avoid "sick" work and overload operation of concrete pump truck machine to avoid super-high oil temperature and prevent the deterioration of hydraulic oil and the abnormal wear of hydraulic components resulting in larger solid particles.

      In the cold outdoor weather in winter, wax will precipitate. These problems can cause blockage of the diesel system and cause malfunction. Usually below 0°C, the gas station will provide winter diesel before winter, and (the temperature is below -20°C), you can choose to add kerosene to the diesel and increase the flow improver to reduce the flow resistance of the diesel engine in winter. Therefore, if we use the pump truck concrete to do things on the outdoor site in winter, we should pay attention to these maintenance work of the concrete pump truck diesel engine, so that it can stay on the construction site without any problem and continue to work, because the pumping engine maintains sufficient power.

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