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      Price of Stationary Concrete Batch Plant

      Haomei Machinery offer low price of stationary concrete batch plant with the productivity of 25-240m3/h, which cover the concrete mixture needs of small, medium and large construction projects as well as the commercial concrete use. Besides of choosing Haomei as the stationary concrete batch plant manufacturer, we also should know that the price of stationary concrete batching plant is related with the model and configuration. With decades of years experience on construction machinery, the stationary concrete batch plants of Haomei Machinery have a lot of advantages.   

      price of stationary concrete batch plant

      1, Higher stability and lower usage cost
      Independent research and development of a variety of special processing machine tools, high precision, convenient maintenance, extended service life, reduced noise and other advantages;
      Intelligent automatic welding robot to ensure strong and beautiful appearance, and avoid problems such as slag inclusion, welding leakage, and air holes;
      Haomei Machinery has been established for more than 25 years and has a large number of experienced masters to ensure assembly accuracy;
      The stationary concrete batch plants can be customized according to customer needs, no additional cost;
      The structural parts have been used for ten years, using brand-name purchased equipment.
      2, "High" "stable" "fast" mixing system
      Using Italian concrete mixing technology;
      Use high wear-resistant liners and blades with chromium content >26%;
      The mixing barrel and blade are 5mm thicker than the same industry;
      Multi-arm design, shorten the mixing time by 15%, and have higher uniformity;
      A spray device is designed above the stirring pump to reduce dust and hold the shaft;
      The six-fold shaft end is sealed, and the imported original parts are used for durability.
      3, "Big", "thick" and "convenient" batching system
      High wear-resistant thick panel, large storage bin design, reduce the number of loading times of the loader;
      The patented machine tool with double tile frame has high precision, easy installation, extended service life and reduced noise;
      Optimize the blanking angle of the warehouse door, and the double-page door design intelligent blanking ensures smooth blanking and more accurate measurement;
      Separated upper and lower bins, universal design, satisfying both sides;
      "2+2" "2+3" rack, free combination, quick and convenient installation and transition.

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