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      Precast Concrete Plant 50m3/h

      Different factors in the actual situation will affect the price of the precast concrete plant equipment, so we’d better do not put the price in the first place. The complete precast concrete batching plant equipment usually includes: mixing host, aggregate transportation system, aggregate storage system, main station structure, control system, metering system, pneumatic system, central control room and powder silo. The whole set of precast concrete plant equipment is beautiful in design, adopts modular mechanism, and is more convenient to install and relocate.

      precast concrete plant

      The mixing capacity of precast concrete plant is 25-240m3/h, among them, the HZS50 concrete batching plant has productivity of 50m3/h, it is an ideal model for small and medium size construction project. The HZS50 concrete batching plant adopts the js1000 type twin-shaft forced concrete mixer, this series of concrete mixers has better mixing quality and higher efficiency. It adopts centralized control system, and is equipped with three buckets type, cement and admixture metering, and microcomputer control room. The theoretical productivity of HZS50 concrete batching plant is 50 cubic meters per hour, but it is often lower than this productivity due to various factors. The concrete batching machine has a batching capacity of 1600L, the screw conveyor has a maximum productivity of 80t/h, the aggregate has a maximum particle diameter of 80mm, and the aggregate bin has a capacity of 51m3, the cement weighing range and accuracy (0-900) ±1%kg, The weighing range and accuracy of the admixture (0~20)±1%kg, the weighing range and accuracy of the aggregate are 0×3000±2%, and the discharge height of HZS50 precast concrete batch plant is 3.8 m.

      The HZS50 precast concrete plant occupies a small space, uses less equipment, and is easy to maintain. It can be equipped with an independent control room for performance, which makes the equipment easy and safe to operate, and can produce high-quality and efficient concrete under the condition of accurate metering machine. The price of HZS50 concrete plant equipment configured in this way is about 50,000 dollars, which will vary according to the required configuration. 

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