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      Precast Concrete Plant Cost

      The precast concrete plant cost can be reduced by scientific and rational planning and layout, and also strict control. Th detailed requirements are:

      precast concrete plant cost
      1, The site selection of the precast concrete plant should adhere to the principle of reasonable layout and avoid duplication. It is not appropriate to build more than two (including two) concrete mixing plant in the area with a supply radius of 10 to 15 kilometers.
      2, Equipped with corresponding production, transportation, communication, pumping and other major equipment:
      3, The concrete mixers used for producing concrete shall adopt scientifically advanced and environmentally friendly products, and there shall be no less than 2 concrete mixers with a production capacity of 120m3/hour or more, and the mixing metering system shall have the function of storing and printing;
      4, There shall be no less than 15 concrete mixer trucks, and satellite positioning or advanced intercom communication system shall be installed;
      5, No less than 2 concrete delivery pumps (cars) with a pumping capacity of 60m3/hour.
      6, The laboratory has passed the measurement certification;
      7, The laboratory of precast concrete plant should reserve enough concrete mix ratios, and the verification of different mix ratios should not be less than 25 groups;
      8, The test equipment is well-equipped, and the verification and calibration are carried out according to the regulations;
      9, The laboratory should have an automatic temperature and humidity control system, and meet the conditions for the simultaneous maintenance of concrete specimens above 20,000 cubic meters;
      10, Have other conditions required by the current laboratory management.
      11, The mixing building should be fully enclosed and equipped with dust removal devices. The systems of feeding, metering, batching, and discharging should choose to install closed devices or take corresponding dust-proof measures.

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