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      Precast Batching Plant

      Haomei Machinery is able to supply precast batching plant with different model and configuration with capacity of 25-240m3/h. Because the concrete batching plant equipment is not a piece of equipment, but a series of equipment, we must not only guarantee the quality of a single machine, but also ensure the compatibility between each equipment, so that the equipment of the precast concrete mixing plant can be more professional and efficient in the production work. And for customers with different investment capabilities in different regions, we also need to understand how to choose the concrete mixing plant equipment model suitable for our production, because different models not only produce different finished products, but also have different production volumes. The ancillary equipment is also different, and the price of course will vary greatly.
      precast batching plant

      A professional precast batching plant is mainly composed of 5 major systems such as mixing host, material weighing system, material conveying system, material storage system and control system, and other auxiliary facilities. The concrete batching plant equipment manufactured by Haomei Machinery have the superiority as:
      1, Good performance and long life
      The concrete mixing host produced by Haomei Machinery can meet the requirements of high-performance concrete mixing, with strong adaptability, easy operation and use, advanced technical performance, high production efficiency, and easy matching with related batching equipment. The concrete mixing machine has a long service life, reasonable design, stable operation, uniform concrete mixing, low power consumption, can mix various concrete materials, and is super wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.
      2, Perfect service and good reputation
      As a professional precast batching plant manufacturer, in addition to providing customers with high-quality products, we also provide customers with comprehensive services, including pre-sales services, sales services, and after-sales services. We are well-known in the user group and are well received compliments by users.

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