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      Portable Type Concrete Batching Plant

      As a small concrete plant, portable type concrete batching plant requires light weight, convenient transportation, less installation infrastructure and low decomposition cost. Due to the different requirements of the project construction party and the construction period, the choice of concrete equipment configuration will also be different. The mixing capacity of the portable concrete batching plant is about 25-90m3/h. Take the mobile concrete batching plant equipment as an example. The basic structure of the equipment is roughly the same. It is nothing more than the size of the concrete batching machine and the number of bulk cement silos that will make the configuration of the portable concrete batching plant different.

      portable type concrete batching plant

      Under normal circumstances, portable type concrete batching plant manufacturers often provide users with remote assistance in installation or assign installers to the construction site for installation. If the installer has insufficient experience, some errors may occur during installation. When the error exceeds the allowable range, conditions that are difficult to control may occur. When install mobile concrete batching plant on-site, a skilled installation master is required to guide and inspect, and the installation work needs to be carried out step by step in accordance with the written regulations. The bulk cement silo of portable concrete batching plant equipment is prone to accidents during installation, and the vertical error of the cement pile is usually required to be less than 1.5%.
      The portable type concrete batching plant has been used in multiple construction sites. The equipment has now been successfully exported to many countries and regions overseas. Haomei Machinery strictly controls the details and equipment quality during the production process to ensure the production efficiency of the entire set of equipment. Enhance its own strength to provide customers with satisfactory services.

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