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      New Concrete Batch Plant For Sale

      How to choose the location of the new concrete batch plant for sale? The choice of the location of the concrete batching plant is the first step in opening the concrete batching plant. A suitable location can save the cost and increase the income of the concrete batching plant. Haomei Machinery will introduce to you how to choose and matters needing attention when choosing the location of the concrete batch plant for sale:


      new concrete batch plant for sale

      When choosing a new concrete batch plant for sale, we need to pay attention to whether the sales network in the region is sound. When choosing a site for a concrete batching plant, we must be based on the principle of people-oriented, try to stay away from residential areas, and whether the concrete materials and water sources are sufficient. The latter point is also more important. One point is whether the transportation is convenient, especially for the commercial concrete mixing plant, the ready-mixed concrete sent from the concrete batching plant for sale needs to be transported to the construction site or pouring operation within a specified time. During this process, due to the failure of the mixer truck, road blockage and other reasons, it cannot be transported to the construction site on time; there are also reasons such as the failure of the upper concrete pump or the blockage of the conveying pipeline that cannot be delivered to the pouring operation point in time. time, the concrete should be treated as failure.

      The time when the mixer truck leaves the new concrete batch plant for sale has been stated on the delivery note (including the design ratio and actual ratio of concrete, etc.). The construction site management personnel can reject the items that exceed the time limit when checking and accepting them on the delivery note. Such a truck of concrete is considered scrapped. If the troubleshooting time of the concrete pump exceeds the concrete control aging time, and there are no emergency measures such as spare pump and dredging and replacing the blocked transmission pipeline, the commercial concrete that has been transported in but not poured should also be regarded as scrapped. Therefore, the ability of commercial concrete companies to control the aging of ready-mixed concrete, emergency treatment, scheduling and other capabilities reflects its qualification level to a certain extent.

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