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      Mobile Concrete Pump Operation

      As the name shows, the mobile concrete pump have good mobile-ability, which can be transfer to a construction site convenient. The biggest difference between stationary concrete pump and mobile concrete pump is the chassis and boom. The boom is an important component of concrete pump tuck. The piping and hoses used for the placing boom should be selected according to the factory instructions. The piping with a diameter exceeding the specified diameter should not be used for lighting, and the connected hose should be fastened with an anti-falling safety belt.


      mobile concrete pump
      The operation precautions of mobile concrete pump boom are:
      1, Stretching the boom should be carried out in the order of the factory instructions. The placing boom can rotate only after it is lifted away from the support. It is strictly forbidden to use the cloth boom to lift or drag objects.
      2, When the placing boom is in the fully extended state, the mobile concrete pump truck shall not be moved. When the concrete pump truck needs to be moved during operation, the upper boom should be folded and fixed, and the moving speed should not exceed 10km/h.
      3, Do not drag the hose at the front end of the placing boom on the ground; it is strictly forbidden to extend the cloth piping and the placing boom. When the wind is at level 6 or above, the placing boom is not allowed to send concrete.
      4, Before pumping, when the hydraulic oil temperature is lower than 15°C, the method of extending the idling time should be used to increase the oil temperature.
      5, When pumping, check the operation of the concrete pump truck, monitor each instrument and indicator light, and stop the machine if any abnormality is found.
      6, The concrete surface in the hopper should be kept above the center line of the mixing shaft.
      7, During operation, the grid on the hopper shall not be removed, and unqualified aggregates or debris shall be removed in time.
      8, During pumping, when the pressure gauge rises to the highest value and the operating sound changes, the pumping should be stopped immediately, and the reverse operation method should be used to eliminate the pipeline blockage; when it is invalid, the pipe should be removed for cleaning.
      9, After the operation, all the concrete in the pipeline and hopper should be output, and then the hopper, pipeline, etc. should be flushed. And when the pipeline should be flushed with compressed air, it is strictly forbidden to stand within 10m in front of the outlet end of the pipeline.
      10, After the operation, compressed air shall not be used to flush the pipes of the placing boom, and the folding and shrinking of the placing boom shall be carried out in close order.
      11, After operation, all parts of the control switch, adjustment handle, hand wheel, control rod, cock, etc. should be reset, the hydraulic system should be unloaded, the outriggers should be retracted, the mobile concrete pump should be parked in a safe area, and doors and windows should be closed. Water should be drained out in winter.

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