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      Mini Concrete Mixing Plant Price

      The mini concrete mixing plant price is lower than large concrete mixing plant, so new buyers prefer mini concrete batching plan than large model. The model of mini concrete mixing plant is small, but the function is the same. The mini concrete mixing plant is also mainly composed of 5 major systems including mixing host, material weighing system, material conveying system, material storage system and control system and other auxiliary facilities.

      mini concrete mixing plant price
      If you buy outrageous mini concrete mixing plant price, the cost of small concrete mixing plants will inevitably be higher and higher, the weight is smaller, and the quality of the concrete cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, do not relax the inspection and maintenance of the symmetrical system at any time, so in daily situations, how should we deal with the weighing problem of mini concrete mixing plant?
      1, Unweighed readings of small concrete batching plant
      When there are raw materials on the sensor, detect the voltage value of the sensor output signal line. If the two values are the same, the sensor has been damaged, and if there is a significant difference between the two values, the sensor is working normally. According to the output signal of the detection sensor, the working principle and boundary mode of sensors of different brands are roughly the same.
      2, The weighing value of the small concrete mixing plant fluctuates up and down.
      If the silo attached to the sensor mount is purely within a relatively large mechanical vibration range, the deformation of the sensor will continue to change, so the measured weight value will fluctuate up and down.

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