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      Concrete Pumps For Sale

      The concrete pumps for sale can not only improve work efficiency, but also help reduce the labor intensity of workers. People began to rely on concrete pumps when they used concrete pumps. If the concrete pump fails during the construction process, it will inevitably affect work efficiency, even delay the construction period, and cause considerable economic losses. So how to maintain the concrete pump during daily use?

      concrete pumps for sale

      Before operating the concrete pumps for sale, always check whether the hydraulic components are malfunctioning, carefully check the cause and repair the circuit. If oil leakage is found, find out that the cause is not oil leakage. Check the steel pipes, hoses, cylinders, joints and safety valves of the hydraulic system for cracks or wear, and whether the parts are connected properly. If you need to replace new parts, please ask professional maintenance personnel to repair them, and do not disassemble and repair without authorization to avoid accidents.

      The quality of after-sales service should be considered when choosing a concrete pumps manufacturer. Check the lubrication of the concrete pump frequently to ensure the adequacy and cleanliness of the lubricating grease in the concrete pump, to ensure the tightness of various lubrication pipeline joints, and to prevent leakage. The lubrication inspection of the concrete pump is strict, serious and timely. If oil shortage is found during use, immediately stop using the concrete pump, and stop the concrete pump for inspection in time to avoid accidents.

      Lubrication points not covered by the centralized lubrication system should not be ignored. A manual lubrication gun should be used for lubrication. Another problem that is easily overlooked is that for concrete pumps that have been placed unused for a long time, various parts need to be lubricated before placement.

      In order to improve production efficiency, equipment selection is essential, so we need to purchase cost-effective concrete pumps for sale. Mechanical equipment has a long service life, and it is necessary to choose equipment with a good foundation.

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