Concrete pump long boom hot sale

                          For booms with a length of more than 35 meters, they can be called as concrete pump long boom, or concrete pump truck with long boom. The advantage of a long boom concrete pump truck is that the construction range is larger, which reduces the number of times the concrete pump is moved during the construction process and reduces the operation workload. The characteristics of the long boom concrete pump truck are that the chassis is longer, the boom is longer, and the space required after the outriggers are deployed is larger. After the length of the chassis is increased, the overall flexibility will be reduced; the boom is longer, and the stability of the boom is definitely worse when working, and the expansion space of the outrigger is larger, and the requirements for the construction site are naturally more high.

                          concrete pump long boom

                          The performance advantages of Haomei concrete pump long boom 37-54m are:

                          1, Use the self-contained arm to carry out the fabric. After drive the long boom concrete pump truck to the work place, you can quickly open the arm to work, usually ready within half an hour;
                          2, Equipped with hydraulic folding arm frame, which can flexibly rotate in the working range, the fabric is convenient and fast, there is no dead angle, and the pumping speed of the concrete pump truck is fast, generally 90-150m3 / h, and the work efficiency is high.
                          3, High degree of automation, the whole concrete boom pump truck can be operated by one person from the pump to the cloth, and is equipped with a wireless remote control system, which is convenient to operate.
                          4, Good maneuverability, the concrete pump long boom can be quickly transferred to another place to continue operation after the completion of the operation in one place, the equipment utilization rate is high, and can be responsible for the concrete pumping in several places at the same time.

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