Hydraulic system of concrete pump for sale

                          The hydraulic system serves as the "heart" of the concrete pump for sale and is closely related to the pumping effect of the equipment. Haomei Machinery uses imported Kawasaki main oil pumps, the hydraulic system has stable and reliable performance and low oil temperature, but the system still needs frequent maintenance.

                          concrete pump for sale

                          The maintenance steps are as follows:
                          1. Check whether the hydraulic pipeline is leaking or leaking
                          If oil leakage and oil leakage need to be tightened, relevant components should be replaced if oil leakage and oil leakage still occur after tightening. The concrete pump checks whether the bolts and nuts of the hydraulic system, especially the high-pressure pipeline parts are loose. If loose, tighten immediately.

                          2. Inspection of hydraulic oil
                          a. When the normal hydraulic oil temperature is 40-75 degrees, the hydraulic oil tank thermometer needs to be checked. When the ambient temperature is within 30 degrees and the ventilation is good, if the oil temperature still exceeds 70 degrees after the radiator is turned on, the hydraulic system will fail. The hydraulic system of the concrete pump for sale should be overheated before continuing to work.
                          b. When first refueling, the oil quantity of the hydraulic oil tank gauge should be detected, and the oil should be replenished when the oil level is low.

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