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      How Much does the Concrete Pump Cost?

      The concrete pump cost is related with equipment type, model, pumping capacity and detailed configuration. There are two types of concrete pump in the market, that are trailer concrete pump and concrete pump truck. A concrete pump has the following main technical parameters: delivery capacity, outlet pressure, motor power and distribution valve form. According to the new national standard, these main parameters can be obtained from the concrete pump model.

      concrete pump cost
      The motor power of a concrete pump is a prerequisite for determining the outlet pressure and delivery volume. Under the condition of a certain motor power, the increase in pressure will definitely reduce the delivery volume; on the contrary, reducing the outlet pressure will make the delivery volume increase. In order to ensure that the concrete pump must have a large delivery volume, but also have a certain outlet pressure and matching economic power, in the design of the concrete pump, constant power plunger pumps are mostly used. That is, constant power value after selection, when the outlet pressure increases, the output displacement of the oil pump will automatically decrease to reach the value corresponding to the power design; if you want to achieve high outlet pressure, but also want to achieve the purpose of large delivery. The only way is to increase the motor power. Therefore, in the new national standard, the concept of the capacity index of the concrete pump is cited (in MPa·m3/h); that is, the product of the actual outlet pressure of the concrete pump and the actual delivery volume per hour, the greater the value , The greater the capacity index, the greater the power of the motor, thereby achieving the purpose of large displacement and high head.
      The concrete pump cost is also related to the hydraulic system. The details are detection methods for hydraulic systems, hydraulic oil and hydraulic pipelines.

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