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      Concrete Portable Batching Plant

      The concrete portable batching plant has a high degree of assembly, which integrates various functions such as aggregate, weighing, mixing and conveying in a trailer unit. The whole portable concrete batching plant structure reduces the high-strength bolts by 70%, so that the installation is accurate and rapid, and the workload is small. Due to the pin shaft connection, it is convenient to disassemble, which is beneficial to the transformation and relocation of the portable concrete plant.

      concrete portable batching plant
      The advantages of the control system realize the continuous automatic production of the concrete portable batching plant, improve the production efficiency, and also have the function of automatic calculation. The total number of batches and the power of the batch can be automatically converted to reduce the workload and the possibility of misoperation. The batching accuracy is high, and the weighing can be automatically added, the weighing is automatically deducted, and the batching parameters are automatically adjusted, thereby greatly improving the accuracy of the production. The high-precision sensor is adopted in the portable concrete batching plant, which is easy to install, easy to adjust and reliable in use. The outlet of the powder weighing hopper adopts an automatically controlled pneumatic butterfly valve, and the inlet and outlet adopt soft connections and are fully enclosed.
      The price of the mobile drum concrete batching plant is much lower than that of the traditional concrete portable batching plant. The mobile drum mix concrete plant has 1000 type, 1500 type, 2000 type and 2500 type. Mobile drum concrete mixing plant, referred to as mobile drum mixer batching plant, mobile mixing station, with the host machine is JZM series friction concrete mixer, horizontal cement silo, automatic control system, screw conveyor, etc.

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