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      Purchase Concrete Plant Mixer

      Concrete plant mixer equipment is different from ordinary small commodities. The price of equipment can range from hundreds of thousands to millions. Before purchasing, you must carefully consider and consider all aspects. Especially before purchasing large scale concrete mixing plant equipment, there are several points need extra attention:

      concrete plant mixer
      1, The manufacturer of the concrete plant mixer equipment
      The "Internet +" era is coming, and it affects our lives like a double-edged sword. It not only brings us the expansion of information resources, but also increases the difficulty of distinguishing true from false. When purchasing the concrete batching plant equipment, don’t just decide to buy it based on a few words on the Internet. It’s better to ask the certificate of concrete mixing plant manufacturer before signing the purchase contract. Going to the factory mainly depends on whether it is formal, second mainly depends on whether there is a certain production scale, and third mainly depends on whether the production technology and quality of the equipment are excellent.
      2, Equipment configuration of concrete batching plant
      The large-scale concrete mixing plant is the same as the general concrete mixing plant. It is composed of five major systems including a forced twin-shaft mixing host, a material weighing system, a material conveying system, a material storage system and a control system, and other ancillary facilities. In addition, large-scale concrete mixing plants also need to be equipped with a dual microcomputer centralized control system to ensure the continuous and normal operation of the mixing system to a greater extent.
      3, After-sales service of concrete plant mixer equipment
      Large-scale concrete mixing plants have a long service life, and a better-quality concrete mixing station has a service life of up to ten years. It is inevitable that there will be minor faults or wear of parts during use. In this case, it is better to choose the after-sales service of the concrete mixing plant manufacturer. Choosing original spare parts can ensure the high production efficiency and long service life of the equipment to a greater extent.

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