Concrete mixing plant capacity and configuration

                          The HZS concrete mixing plant is composed of multiple equipment, mixing capacity 25-240m3/h can cover the production requirements of all size projects. A set of concrete batching plant requires mixing equipment, weighing equipment, material storage equipment and material conveying equipment, plus a reasonable operating system. The use of the concrete mixing plant should maintain a good use environment. At the same time, the cleaning work should be done well to prevent the equipment from rusting and corrosion. The electrical and parts should be checked daily whether there is fever and other abnormal phenomena.

                          concrete mixing plant

                          1. Mixing machine: at present, the most commonly used concrete mixing machine in the industry is the double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer, with excellent mixing performance, and the model can be equipped according to the user's needs.
                          2. Material weighing system: the material weighing system of concrete batching plant is mainly divided into three parts: aggregate weighing, powder weighing and liquid weighing. Aggregate (sand and stone) is weighed by one scale, cement and fly ash are weighed by one scale, water and liquid admixtures are weighed respectively, and then liquid admixtures are put into the water scale bucket for premixing.
                          3. Material storage system: aggregate is stacked in the open air (there are also closed silos for large-scale ready mix concrete plants in cities); powder is stored in fully closed steel silos; admixture is stored in steel containers.
                          4. Control system: the control system has different functions and configurations according to different requirements of users and the size of the concrete mixing plant. Generally, the control system of the small concrete mixing plant available at the construction site is simpler, while the system of the large concrete mixing plant is more complex.
                          5. Material conveying system: material conveying consists of three parts: aggregate conveying, powder conveying and liquid conveying, which can be equipped according to the user's demand.

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