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      Concrete Mixing Plant Equipment

      The concrete mixing plant equipment have two different feeding methods, which are skip hopper type and belt conveyor type. Feeding is an important procedure in the operation of concrete mixing plant, but the feeding methods used by different concrete mix plant are different. This article compares the feeding methods of concrete mixing plants.


      concrete mixing plant equipment

      1, Tipping type feeding
      When working, under the traction of the steel wire rope, the upper hopper is crawled and raised along the inner and outer guide rails of the upper rack through two pairs of front and rear rollers respectively. The current roller runs to the dead point of the inner guide rail, and the hopper tilts upwards with the former roller as the fulcrum. The material gradually enters the mixing drum through the hopper mouth of concrete mixing plant equipment. When it is tilted to the hopper floor and the horizontal line is at an angle of 55°, the hopper will be subject to a limit device The movement is stopped under the control of the control, and all the materials enter the mixing drum. When the upper hopper falls, the looseness of the wire rope causes the hopper to move in the reverse direction and return to its original position.

      2, Lifting feeding
      When lifting and feeding, the lifting transmission mechanism drives the wire rope to pull the hopper through the pulley to crawl upward along the guide rail of the loading rack. When the concrete mixing plant hopper is raised to the feeding position, the front roller at the bottom of the bucket enters the horizontal fork, and the bucket body continues to rise, forcing the bottom and the bucket body The hinged shaft is separated as a fulcrum to open the material door. As the hopper body rises, the material door gradually opens, and the material in the hopper body is continuously poured into the mixing drum through the indirect hopper.

      The above-mentioned two feeding methods of concrete mixing plant equipment have their own characteristics in the structure of the device, but also have some similar aspects. In summary, when customers choose the feeding method of the concrete mixing plant, they can be determined according to the specific construction conditions, maintenance conditions and technical level.

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