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      Concrete Mixer Truck With Pump

      The whole construction process of the concrete mixer truck with pump machine is very fast, and the quality of the concrete produced is good. The concrete mixer with pump is indeed a very useful equipment for us project contractors! A small forklift and a concrete mixer pump truck can replace the workload of five or six people, and the work efficiency has been increased several times. Use a forklift to send sand, stones, cement and other materials to the concrete mixer and pump, and use the remote control to operate the concrete mixing pump hopper charging work. After that, the concrete mixer with pump can complete the mixing and pumping to the floor by itself. The entire operation is quite simple. Basically liberated the labor force.

      concrete mixer truck with pump
      After the concrete mixer truck with pump machine arrives at the construction site, the erection begins. The personnel gently toggles the hydraulic outrigger switch and makes fine adjustments to erect such a large piece of concrete mixer pump equipment in less than 2 minutes! Next, connect the pipeline, connect the power supply, etc. Everything is ready, and the concrete mixer with pump machine starts construction: feeding, mixing, adding water, and conveying. Although it is the first time to use, the efficiency is much faster than the previous construction, and during the operation, we can install a sun umbrella on the seat of the operator, so you don't have to be exposed to the hot sun anymore. In addition, you can arrange two workers for fabrics, one for adding cement, and one for driving a forklift, it's very easy! The first test of concrete mixer truck with pump machine made our customers very satisfied!

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