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      Concrete Mixer Pumping Machine

      The concrete mixer pumping machine is a construction equipment specially developed and manufactured for the rural concrete market with concrete mixing and pumping functions. It changes the previous manual mixing concrete work method and greatly improves the construction efficiency and labor costs. The concrete mixer pump machine that has just been bought must be tested. Check whether there are any faults in the performance of the concrete mixing pump and make sure it can operate normally. Then, how should the concrete mixer pump machine be tested?


      concrete mixer pumping machine
      1, Inspection of concrete mixer pumping machine
      Generally speaking, after the concrete mixing pump is installed in place, the concrete mixer pump should be inspected as a whole. Usually, the inspection content includes: whether the liquid level in the fuel tank is within the specified range, whether the connectors such as hydraulic hose connectors and clamping fixtures are loose, whether there is oil leakage, whether the wiring of electrical components is disconnected, and whether the contact screws are loose, whether there is a front end, where there is debris in the hopper etc. These are the inspection ranges of concrete mixer pumps.
      2, Electrical inspection of concrete mixer pump
      For the inspection of electrical appliances, first check whether the excitation voltage is 380V. Usually, a special control switch should be set for the concrete mixing pump. The specification of the cable used should be the same as the specification of the main cable on the concrete trailer pump. At the same time, the wires should be correctly connected according to the requirements, and the following checks should be carried out:
      A. Turn off the control circuit switch, the power indicator light is on, and the programmable controller PLC module gets power. At this time, the indicator lights are on the observation module (start, run, and fault respectively). If the start and run lights are turned on, and the breakdown lights are turned off, it means that normal operation can be performed, otherwise it is abnormal and the concrete mixer pump cannot be operated.
      B. Press the motor start button and check whether the AC contactor of the motor works according to the program and whether the indicator light of the motor is on.
      C. Press the concrete mixer pumping machine, back pump, pressure test and mixing buttons respectively to see if the programmable controller has input and output signals.

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