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      Concrete Mixer Plant Manufacturer

      Concrete mixer plant manufacturer Haomei Machinery are specialized in concrete mixing and pumping equipment producing. Concrete mixer plant is one of the promising industries in the construction industry at this stage, with the increase of engineering projects today. Green manufacturing has always been a key problem advocated at this stage. With regard to the establishment of concrete mixing plant, the environmental pollution problem has been especially focused, and it has promoted the vigorous development of new-style all-environmental green concrete mixing plants.

      concrete mixer plant manufacturer

      The complete set of detailed commercial concrete mixing plants are mostly constructed by closed or semi-closed methods. In order to better maintain the overall environmental protection of the concrete batching plant, some environmental protection and dust removal devices must be equipped to avoid flying dust pollution. The key equipment of commercial concrete batching plant includes: concrete mixer, concrete batching machine, screw conveyor, belt conveyor, weighing system software, gas system software, dust removal equipment, cement warehouse, liquid supply system software, electronic control system, etc.
      Concrete mixer plants generally have more common equipment models and specifications: hzs25, hzs35, hzs50, hzs60, hzs75, hzs90, hzs120, hzs180, hzs240, hzs270, and according to customer requirements, some dual-mixing machine concrete batching plants can also be selected as ready mix concrete plant applications, such as: double hzs75 concrete mixing plant, double hzs90 concrete mixing plant, double hzs120 concrete mixing plant and double hzs180 concrete mixing plant.
      Environmental protection and energy-saving concrete mixer plant manufacturer equipment characteristics:
      1, Excellent mixing quality: The concrete mixing plant can accurately measure various concrete raw materials, and formulate it in strict accordance with the required design plan, promote the rational use of various water reducing agents, and improve the productivity and concrete quality of the concrete mixing plant .
      2, High environmental protection characteristics: The whole process of the product concrete mixing plant is made of clean production, and the whole station adopts a sealed or semi-sealed design scheme, mechanical and automatic sealed storage and transportation, and the equipment is equipped with dust removal devices and spraying equipment, which is reasonable to reduce The smoke and dust environmental pollution and noise pollution of the concrete mixing station are reduced.
      3, High-width ratio automation technology: The equipment of concrete mixing plant uses automatic electronic computer automatic control system. The equipment automation technology has a high level of intelligent system, and the productivity of the whole station and the quality of concrete production have been correspondingly improved.

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