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      Concrete Mixer Machine Price In Tanzania

      The concrete mixer machine price in tanzania is different according to the mixing requirements of different concrete mixers. There are many types of concrete mixers, they have their own characteristics in structure and performance. The mixing forms of concrete mixers are divided into two types: self-falling, forced and continuous concrete mixers. Here is a currently widely used is the compulsory concrete mixer js500, Haomei Machinery take is as an example and introduces its basic parameter information.

      concrete mixer machine price in tanzania
      The js500 concrete mixer each discharge 0.5 cubic meters, the mixing tank is assembled by welding 5-8mm thick steel plate, the tank inner wall is equipped with a total of 40 wear-resistant alloy cast iron liners, of which there are 16 variable linings, and the lining thickness is 12mm. The shovel blade of this concrete mixer is made of high chromium alloy cast iron, which has good wear resistance. The weight of the whole JS500 concrete mixer machine is about 4 tons.
      The JS500 < >concrete mixer machine price in tanzania is not high, JS500 forced concrete mixer has a feed capacity of 800L, a discharge capacity of 500L, and a single discharge of 0.5 cubic meters of concrete. It is a very popular small concrete mixing machine. The JS500 concrete mixer can operate as a stand-alone machine, or it can provide a supporting host for the HZS25 concrete mixing plant. It is equipped with a pld800 concrete batching machine and has an hourly productivity of 25m3/h. It adopts an automatic discharging method. The whole concrete mixer machine has convenient water addition control, powerful power, and electricity. The volume is small, the power is strong, and the built-in eddy current mixer can prevent the material from forming together in the bin. The unloading is safe and convenient, avoiding the overturning of the mixing drum, which is safe and labor-saving, and the structure is simplified, the layout is more compact and reasonable, and the operation is more convenient.

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