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      Concrete Mixer Machine For Sale In Kenya

      Concrete mixer machine for sale in kenya core parts and equipment are imported high-quality components, so its price will be higher than the price of compulsory concrete mixer produced in a small workshop factory. But in the long run, the quality of the concrete mixer machine equipment produced by such big concrete mixer manufacturer is more guaranteed, the service life is longer, the frequency of maintenance is less, and the cost performance is higher.


      concrete mixer machine for sale in kenya
      Forced concrete mixer is a kind of concrete mixer machine for sale in kenya. In fact, the commonly used commercial concrete mixers are divided into two categories: one is the self-falling concrete mixer, the material to be mixed is brought into the air by the blade attached to the wall of the mixing barrel, and then falls to the bottom of the mixing barrel by gravity, and then lifts it into the air and stir in this cycle. For example, the mixing barrel of our common commercial concrete mixer truck is this way. This method of mixing generally requires less power of the main mixing motor (compared to forced mixing), but requires a longer mixing time. The drum concrete mixer commonly used in the construction site before is this form, but the capacity is generally not large. Commonly used are 0.35 m3, 0.5 m3, 0.75m3, 1.0 cubic meter, and the larger ones are very few. Depending on the use situation, the mixing time for this mixing host to mix homogeneous commercial concrete generally ranges from 60 to 90 seconds. Compared with the forced concrete mixer, the mixing time is long and the efficiency is low. The compulsory concrete mixing machine has high wear resistance, strong homogeneity, large space, long service life, low maintenance cost, and a wide range of applications.
      The concrete mixer machine for sale in kenya Haomei Machinery supplied are mainly forced twin shaft concrete mixer JS series. The models are JS500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000 and so on, they can meet the concrete mixing requirement of different construction projects and concrete batching plants.

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