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      Concrete Boom Pump

      Concrete boom pump equipment is used to transport concrete with boom length of 37-45m. High-rise buildings or far away from the concrete mixing station are transported by concrete pumps. The concrete boom pump trucks are more flexible than trailer concrete pumps, especially in the construction site. The longer the boom, the higher the conveying height, and the greater the pouring coverage and height. The arm length of the concrete pump truck depends on the model of your boom pump truck. If you lengthen the delivery arm at will, the delivery pressure will probably be insufficient, and the concrete will not be pumped up.

      concrete boom pump
      The concrete boom pump truck is composed of automobile chassis, outriggers, pumping system, slewing device, boom, electrical system, hydraulic system and other structures. The concrete pump truck has the characteristics of wide operation area, accurate pouring location, fast pouring efficiency, etc. Therefore, the boom concrete pump truck has become an important cement foundation casting equipment in infrastructure projects, and its performance parameters and reliability play an important role in construction efficiency. The most important structural part of the concrete pump truck with boom is of course its boom. The boom supports the distribution pump pipe of the whole truck, and the multi-section boom design makes concrete pouring more flexible and convenient.
      The pressure oil of the concrete boom pump truck comes from a slant-axis axial quantitative pump. The boom cylinder is controlled by the boom multi-way valve and the electronic control speed is adjusted, so that the boom can work in accordance with the operating instructions issued by the operator to achieve precisely control.

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