Concrete batching mixing plant manufacturers

                          Haomei is one of the famous concrete batching mixing plant manufacturers in China, we produce concrete plant with mixing capacity of 25-240m3/h. The theoretical output of the concrete batching mixing plant is not equal to the actual output of the concrete batching plant. When calculating the theoretical output of the concrete mixing plant, it did not consider the actual conditions of the concrete plant, such as the actual mixing ratio of the raw materials of the concrete mixing plant, the amount of water, the amount of additives, the actual mixing cycle, and the operation proficiency of the employees. The output calculated within one hour based on the output of the concrete mixer has an excellent reference value.

                          concrete batching mixing plant manufacturers

                          As a concrete batching mixing plant manufacturer with rich experience, Haomei has made many development on the equipment structure:
                          1, The water pre-storage tank is configured on the main station, which greatly shortens the metering time, reduces the number of frequent pump starts, reduces the pump power, effectively improves productivity, and saves costs.
                          2, The inlet of the concrete main machine adopts high-pressure pump pressure spraying, multiple nozzles are installed on the spray pipe, the spray pipe is set for easy cleaning and maintenance; and the spray design and control are ingenious, so that the main machine tank is stained and the shaft is stuck phenomenon are greatly reduced.
                          3, The additive metering bucket body of concrete batching plant is made of stainless steel, which effectively prevents the occurrence of corrosion.
                          4, Two signal collection points are added to each bucket door of the concrete batching machine to effectively avoid the inaccurate measurement caused by materials, air pressure, and other reasons that cause the bucket door of the batching machine to open and close, and affect the quality of the concrete.
                          5, Add a vibrating filter screen at the material output belt conveyor and inclined belt conveyor of the batching machine to effectively filter out the materials that do not meet the standard, ensure the quality of the aggregate, and avoid the damage of the concrete mixer to the large aggregate.

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