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      100 Ton Cement Plant For Sale

      We generally calculate the output of cement plant for sale by cubic meters, and customers often search by ton. Recently, Haomei Machinery find that there are customers who inquired about the price of the concrete batching plant by 100 Ton/hour. Why people calculate the productivity by tons? What is the model of that capacity?

      cement plant for sale
      One cubic meter of concrete is about 2.3-2.5 tons. Reinforced concrete will be heavier. Here we calculate by 2.4 tons/m3, then 100 tons of concrete is about 41.7m3 of concrete, which means that the cement plant actual output per hour can reach 41.7m3 of concrete. What is the model of the concrete batching plant?
      Recommend 1 cubic meter concrete mixing plant is more suitable. The 1 cubic meter cement plant for sale equipment models have hzs50 concrete batching plant and hzs60 concrete batching plant. The HZS50 concrete plant uses hopper feeding as the charging method, which covers a small area and has a lower production efficiency. The HZS60 concrete batching plant loading method is belt feeding, compared with HZS50 concrete batching plant, it has a larger area and higher production efficiency. And the actual output per hour reaches 41.7m3.
      The price of cement plant for sale needs to be determined according to the equipment configuration required by the customer. The customer can choose the appropriate model of concrete plant equipment according to the actual situation, site area, etc., choose the appropriate number of cement silos and concrete batching machine, and after confirming with the concrete batching plant manufacturer, we will give you details price list. Haomei Machinery can also customize the concrete plant production line solution for the customer's according to the requirement.

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