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      Type and Price of Cement Concrete Mixer Machine

      The cement concrete mixer machine is a mechanical equipment used for concrete production in construction industry. According to user needs, the concrete mixer machine has many types, from the simplest drum mixer to the double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer to the vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer. Different types of concrete mixers have different mixing structures, and their mixing effects and application ranges are also different.

      cement concrete mixer machine
      For example, a drum concrete mixer is a small mixing equipment suitable for on-site mixing. The application models include JZC250, JZC350 and JZC500. The reducer is used to drive the mixing drum to mix the materials. Wheels can be installed to facilitate on-site movement. This kind of concrete mixer machine equipment is the on-site mixing equipment commonly used before. The price is relatively low and the model is small.
      Later, the state mandated centralized mixing, and a two-horizontal-shaft forced cement concrete mixer machine with high production efficiency and a wide range of use appeared. This type of concrete mixer equipment can be very large. It is often used for centralized mixing of commercial concrete and is the main mixing equipment for commercial concrete production, it can be said to be a classic commercial concrete mixing host. This type of host model is also very rich, from various models such as JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500 and JS2000, JS3000, the application of JS represents the mandatory double horizontal axis series. This cement mixer equipment can be said to be a concrete mixer widely used in the period when commercial concrete was popularized.
      In addition to the production of concrete as a commercial concrete production, many cement product industries also have a lot of demand for concrete. Since the cement product industry produces products in the factory, it has relatively high requirements for the uniformity of concrete. The traditional two-horizontal-shaft forced cement concrete mixer machine function compared with the cement products industry with higher standard requirements, the concrete produced by its equipment still needs more suitable uniform mixing equipment. The vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer is a kind of more uniform mixing and can solve the needs of this industry. The traditional horizontal shaft concrete mixer has problems such as the leakage of slurry and the uniformity of one-time mixing.

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