Boom concrete pump for sale

                          Boom concrete pump for sale is a construction vehicle, the concrete pumping can be achieved in length and height. The fuel consumption of the boom concrete pump truck has always been a problem. The heavier the concrete pump truck body, the greater the fuel consumption. How to save fuel is a big problem for boom concrete pump operation. Then, we will discuss how the concrete pump truck works to save fuel.

                          boom concrete pump for sale

                          Reduce unnecessary burden of boom concrete pump truck for sale. The heavier the body, the more fuel consumption. So try to reduce the unnecessary weight. When not in use, remove external equipment such as roof box, roof box side member and bracket. This not only increases the weight of the boom concrete pump body, but also changes the air flow around the concrete pump truck and increases air resistance. When unloading unnecessary goods in the trunk, please unload them. For the adverse road conditions in large cities, the driving is particularly obvious when parking, which can effectively reduce fuel consumption.

                          Check and maintain the concrete pump truck regularly. If the boom concrete pump for sale is not well maintained, it may encounter various problems, such as partial blockage of filter, poor oil performance, etc. These problems will increase fuel consumption and emissions. At the same time, pay attention to check the tire pressure to avoid insufficient air pressure, increase the rolling resistance between the tire and the road, so as to consume more fuel.

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