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      Belt Conveyor Type Concrete Batching Plant

      Belt conveyor type concrete batching plant is famous of modularization, high degree of factoryization, quick installation and commissioning, no additional on-site welding. The mixing capacity of belt type concrete batching plant is 60-240m3/h, which belong to medium and large size concrete batching plant. Thus we can see belt conveyor concrete batching plant in engineering project and ready mix concrete enterprise. The belt concrete batching plant in Haomei Machinery adopt wear-resistant technical design, which durable, a variety of belt forms, which is flexible layout, the concrete mixer is free of manual cleaning, and basically does not stick to the mixing shaft and the mixing drum cover.

      belt conveyor type concrete batching plant
      The technical features of belt conveyor type concrete batching plant are:
      1, Sand storage hopper
      Multi-door structure, smooth feeding and effective use of bucket capacity. Large-capacity storage hopper reduces the workload of the loader. Opening adjustment device, anti-card door, anti-splashing device, high measurement accuracy, safety and reliability.
      2, Finished material temporary storage function
      The concrete mixing machine receiving hopper has a temporary storage function to improve the efficiency of the belt concrete batching plant.
      3, Anti-stick shaft design, less cleaning work
      The anti-sticking shaft technology reduces the cleaning frequency and workload of the main engine; the pressurized spraying type water drainage technology can automatically clean up the mixing drum while spraying evenly; hydraulic unloading, strong and powerful, low failure rate, multiple shaft end seal installation fast disassembly and wear-resistant.
      4, Stable and accurate liquid admixture metering and supply
      Stainless steel admixture scale, PE material storage barrel, corrosion-resistant; admixture scale hanging structure, admixture supply shunt pipeline, high measurement accuracy, stable and reliable; admixture scale adopts anti-leakage technology, safe and pollution-free.
      5, Environmental protection and dust removal
      Active dust collection, large dust collection area, environmental protection and pollution-free; polyurethane cleaner, long belt life; hanging type roller, which can automatically adjust the balance and has low noise and little wear on the belt.
      6, Advanced control system
      Fully automatic control, stable performance, high measurement accuracy; dynamic interface display and monitoring system, the production process is clear at a glance, and the running status of each part of the belt conveyor type concrete batching plant can be observed in real time; with deduction of the scale, compensation of the scale, one-key zeroing, one-key calibration, and weighing automatic correction of volume drop and data upload function.

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