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      Batching Plant Sicoma Mixer

      The concrete batching plant sicoma mixer adopts a twin-shaft compulsory SICOMA concrete mixer MAO 1000, 2000 and 3000. The twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixer of concrete batching plant mixing occurs not only in the radial direction, but also in the axial direction. The main mixing zone is located in the circumferential direction of the mixing body, which can make full use of the mixing space, so that the aggregate, cement and water can reach the most uniform and best mixing mode in the shortest time under the condition of the low circumferential speed of the mixing blade, and achieve the best mixing effect.

      batching plant sicoma mixer
      The mixing principle of the double-shaft forced concrete mixer determines that most of the concrete is accumulated between the two mixing shafts during the mixing process, which reduces the abrasion between the mixing arm and the blade and the bottom liner, with only slight abrasion, or even no abrasion. , The liner of the double-horizontal shaft batching plant sicoma mixer can only be made of ordinary steel plate or wear-resistant cast iron. The mixing efficiency of the twin-shaft concrete mixer in concrete batching plant is high, and it is equipped with a hydrostatic starter, the mixing noise is small, and the mixing material is directly at the discharge port after the mixing is completed, and the discharge time is short.
      The main shaft sealing structure of batching plant sicoma mixer adopts a combination of multiple sealing methods, and the automatic lubrication system is reliable and lubricated to ensure the long-term reliability of the shaft end seal; the blades and liners are made of high-alloy wear-resistant materials, coupled with advanced heat treatment processes and design methods, and have a long service life. The structure and working mode of the twin-shaft SICOMA mixer determine its scope of use-large batches of fast mixing. The twin-shaft concrete mixers are mostly used for on-site construction or concentrated in ready mix concrete plants, including on-site pouring, high-speed high-speed rail bridge hydraulic engineering and other engineering constructions.

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