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      Batching Plant Mobile

      Batching plant mobile with good mobility, convenient construction and low engineering space requirements will certainly play a big role in construction. The deepening of construction, urban and rural construction, and infrastructure construction will generate a large amount of demand for concrete. Driven by such a large environment, mobile concrete batching plant is especially suitable. The price of mobile concrete batching plant equipment is always related to the selection, the overall price is relatively stable, and there are more main equipment included. If the customer has a detailed understanding of the demand, you can check the YHZS mobile concrete mixing plant.

      batching plant mobile
      When buying batching plant mobile, you need to pay attention to the following points:
      1, The control system is divided into automatic and semi-automatic. There is a price gap between the two. Automatic addition is convenient, and semi-automatic is low in price.
      2, the purchase of cement silo needs to show according to the actual situation that the mobile concrete batching plant itself does not have a cement silo. It is recommended that 100 ton cement silos be sufficient for the mobile batching plant.
      3, The tractor head needs to be purchased separately. If the customer who has the tractor head can no longer buy it, explain the model, our designer will be responsible for debugging the head and the mobile concrete mixing plant equipment.
      The batching plant mobile adopts a semi-trailer design. Haomei Machinery produces portable concrete batching plant with its own transportation system and standard traction pin, compact structure, fast erection speed, no debugging, and it only takes 1 day from installation to commissioning. During long-distance transportation, the mobile batching plant can be split into several standard modules and loaded into containers.

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