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      Batch Plant Manufacturers

      Batch plant manufacturers - Haomei Machinery offer commercial concrete batching plant equipment that specializes in the production of commercial concrete. The concrete batching plant equipment has a strong production capacity and can excellently fulfill the needs of customers. Here Haomei Machinery will introduce the accessories and equipment commonly used in commercial concrete mixing plants for customers' reference.

      For the commercial concrete batching plant, the aggregate must be transported upwards through the belt conveyor, but when the aggregate reaches the mixing platform, the weighing of powder, water, and admixtures may not be over. At this time, we have two options, one option is to directly pour the aggregate into the mixing drum and make it wait here. The second is to use a device to temporarily store the aggregate and then put it in a certain order. The transition warehouse serves the purpose of temporary storage.


      batch plant manufacturers

      So what is the difference between using a transition bin and not using a transition bin?
      First of all, under normal circumstances, aggregates will complete the ingredients before other raw materials, and storage equipment is required. If it enters the mixing drum directly, the impact and impact will damage the concrete mixer and accelerate the abrasion of the concrete mixer.
      Second, after research, it is found that after using the transition bin, the raw material feeding sequence of each part can be controlled, and then adding aggregate can greatly reduce the burden of mixing, accelerate the mixing cycle, and enhance the production efficiency. The location of the transition bin is generally on the mixer host platform, the output volume of the aggregate bin is designed according to the periodicity. To ensure the continuous working ability of the concrete mixer, the reason why the concrete batching plant we choose is recommended to choose the mode with transition bin is because of the above two reasons.

      I believe that after this explanation, the customer will understand why the efficiency of the commercial concrete mixing plant is higher than ordinary engineering concrete mixing plant. Of course, with technological innovation of batch plant manufacturers, the hopper discharge of the concrete batching plant for self-use projects has become controllable. Instead, the hopper becomes a temporary transition warehouse, which greatly improves the mixing efficiency and mixing quality of the engineering concrete mixing plant. Therefore, in the current hopper concrete batching plant, there are also customers who choose to use small batches of commercial concrete production, such as the 2HZS75 mixing station. Not only saves the labor area and investment amount, but also the work output cannot be underestimated.

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