Automatic control concrete batching plant

                          Automatic control concrete batching plant not only realizes the complete automation, but also have the advantages of convenient operation and simple maintenance. Compared with the same type of products, the reliability, working efficiency and safety of automatic concrete batching plant have been greatly improved. The man-machine interface has powerful automatic control and data management functions, which ensures the safety and reliability of the control system and provides users with a comprehensive information solution.

                          automatic control concrete batching plant

                          Automatic control concrete mixing plant is an indispensable production equipment in infrastructure construction, is also an important equipment in new rural construction, and is also a complex control system composed of multiple links. In the production of concrete, the weighing accuracy of batching, the construction proportion of batching, the moisture content of raw materials and water supply directly affect the quality of concrete. In addition, in the concrete batching plant control system, the connection with hardware equipment, the storage of formula data, the registration of raw materials in the production process, the warehouse management, the login record of operators, the product transportation record and other aspects of management will also be able to It directly affects the production efficiency.

                          The full-automatic control system is not only used in the concrete mixing station and ready mix concrete plant, but also widely used in the small and medium-sized automatic control concrete batching plant. Compared with the traditional manual control system, the full-automatic control system has obvious advantages in various aspects, such as weighing accuracy, construction proportion, etc. Now the technicians of automatic control applied to small and medium-sized concrete mixing plants, the purpose is to better serve customers, make small and medium-sized mixing plants practical, and contribute to the construction and development of new rural areas.

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